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Business Analysis and Planning

Think about Business Analysis in terms of learning to play a new sport, let’s say tennis, for example. What factors should you consider when on the court? Does your height or arm span affect your ability to play? Does the size, shape and model of your racquet change the way in which you are able to reach and hit the ball? Who is your opponent, how does their style of play affect yours? How do you adjust your style of play to best compete with that particular opponent? There are, of course a myriad of factors to consider, some of which you are able to control and others that you must learn to react to.


GO’s Business Analysis service is a focused, steady hand, guiding you as you discover the best way to not only hit the ball, but score an ace. We guide you in understanding the factors that affect your business and show you how to move towards and achieve your goals.

GO Consultancy Business Analyses & Planning (BA) services focus on identifying clients’ business needs and on determining systems that help clients fulfill those needs. The BA is for the purpose of identifying, defining and documenting both - functional and non-functional requirements for such systems; it defines the scope of work for implementation of those systems so that a timeline and a price-tag may be set for that implementation (project).

We provide you with a blue print of the system, created around your ideas or product and a road map for its implementation, from start to finish.

We are capable of guiding organizations in increasing the return of investment and reducing the total cost of ownership. Understanding organizations’ goals and their needs or problems by an analysis of their business process and through various interviews with business (processes) stakeholders, the Company can (i) determine the courses of action that an organization has to undertake to achieve those goals or solve its problems, (ii) will propose an appropriate system that can help clients meet their needs or a solution that can solve their problems and (iii) will provide the organization with a Blueprint of the System or a Solution that needs to be develop, along with a Road Map and Resources for the implementation of that System or Solution. .

We are capable of understanding the AS-IS and the desired TO-BE state of a clients' organizations and assessing the required work and systems that can lead to that transformation. The assessment results in a Requirement Specification document and a Project Time Plan along with a definition of appropriate Resources to implement the project.  By doingso, we let the clients have greater focus on project goals rather than on the technology tool, achieve optimal time and price for implementation of a project reduce work errors and costs, reduce unmanaged issues and mitigate risks, lower support cost and increase success.


Please see the objective you will achieve, the benefits you will have and the deliverables - PACKAGES you will get by working with us on Business Analysis and Planning.


  • Clear vision and understanding of the goals that need to be achieved with the product
  • Efficient and effective collaboration between the business owner and stakeholders, product/solution owners and development team
  • Well defined, but also controllable budget, cost and profit assessment
  • Accurate project scope definition
  • Accurate pricing and project duration estimates
  • Project Management
  • Change management
  • Risk mitigation
    • Resource management: resource allocation and proper resource assignments – the appropriate match between the resource types and the resources, resource types and tasks and the tasks and number of resources (aka. upscale and/or downscale)
    • Appropriate engagement type – per resource, per hour or per delivery
    • Understanding how an information system (IS) can support business needs, designing the system, building it and deliver it to the users
    • The Appropriate Development methodology
    • Appropriate use of technology
    • Understandable, appealing, and controllable product/solution for the users, product/solution owners and stakeholders
    • Schedule visibility: One of the greatest challenges in the system development is determining whether the project is on schedule



  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Greater focus on project goals, rather than on the technology tool
  • Optimal time and price for implementation of the project
  • Reduced costs to build
  • Reduced errors
  • Lower support costs
  • Lower turnover and better morale
  • Reduced rework to meet user requirements
  • Reduced unmanaged introduction of new features/changes
  • Faster ramp-up plan
  • Managed problem/issue tracking
  • Clarity of user requirements
  • Appropriate project management and development methodology to suit the system complexity, system reliability, technology, and time


  • Requirement Specification (IEEE standard)
    a Blueprint of Your Product or System you need to develop
  • Project Time Plan
    - an Implementation Road Map of Your Product and System you need to develop
  • Functional specification
  • Non-functional specification
  • Use cases and use case diagrams
  • Business processes
  • Users and user types
  • Business Rules
  • Tasks, Duration per task and Milestones
  • Resource types per tasks and Resource Assignment
  • Resource Upscale/Downscale plan