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User Experience and User Interface Design

“Good design is intelligible and notable. Great design is remarkable, memorable and moving”

Let’s talk about UI/UX in terms of something most of us do every day….shop. Picture yourself as you enter into a store. What is it that you see when you first walk in? What objects, colors and images draw your attention? Are you drawn to signs indicating SALE, CLEARANCE or NEWEST ARRIVALS? Are the items in the store organized in a way that makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for? Does the layout of the store itself affect how you move about the displays? Is the check out line easy to find? All of these factors ultimately combine to affect your “user” experience and should ideally cause you to feel comfortable. You should feel confident navigating the store and locating the items that you are searching for and/or allowing yourself to be guided towards certain items, whether by chance or by design.
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You should leave knowing that you have been informed adequately on any sale or promotion going on as well as how best to take advantage of the available offers. At the end of your visit, whether you have made a purchase or not, you should leave with a lasting impression, one that will cause you to revisit the store time and again.


That is the goal of our UI/UX team, to create an easily navigable landscape, or User Interface for Your System*, one that leads users to revisit your site and leaves them with a lasting satisfaction, and indelible impression.

We, at GO, create a visual language that enables the right communication & interaction between a user and a system (a product, a web site, an app or an image).


*By ‘System’ we mean any eco system, web solution, mobile solution, client server solution, product/tool, logo, business card or other corporate identity materials, wall or billboard design – any entity that requires user interaction, causes user experience and relays information or gives instruction


Please see the objective you will achieve, the benefits you will have and the deliverables - PACKAGES you will get by working with us on UX/UI design.


  • Increased speed of learning. Reduce the amount of time it takes for a user to reach a certain level of proficiency of the system. This is crucial for situations where a system is used infrequently by its users.
  • Increased speed of use. Reduce the amount of time it takes an experienced user to perform a task with the system. This is crucial for situations where the system is used frequently or for a large amount of time.
  • Reduced error rate. How many errors does a user produce during one interaction? Error rate affects the speed of learning and the speed of use of a system, and therefore is important for most systems.
  • Encourage rapid recall. How long does it take infrequent users to remember how to use the system?
  • Increased attractiveness. How does the user interface appeal to the shareholders of the project? Attractiveness can often be counterproductive.
  • Call to Action: increase the conversion rate and generate traffic


  • Increased revenue
  • Higher service quality
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Right product/solution behaviour
  • Appealing and rewarding user experience
  • Help infrequent and inexperienced users understand how to accomplish their goals
  • A specific design for the specific end-user (client) base (demographics, WAI Guidelines  W3C, age, location, etc.)
  • An understandable, appealing, and controlled face for technology
  • Reduced costs to build
  • Reduced errors
  • Lower support costs
  • Lower initial training costs, and greatly reduced retraining
  • Less productivity loss when the system is introduced, and more rapid recovery
  • Greater focus on the necessary tasks, rather than on the technology tool
  • Lower turnover and better morale
  • Reduced rework to meet user requirements
  • High transfer of skills across applications, further reducing training needs
  • Fuller utilization of system functionality
  • Increased use of products and services
  • Brand reinforcement through good user experience
  • On time delivery deadlines through less rework during development phase


  • Graphic Design (card, poster, advertising, graphics)
  • Corporate Identity (logo, letterhead, folder, notebook, brand book)
  • Web/Interactive design (web site, portal, applications, multimedia presentations)
  • UI/UX Solution (prototypes, mock-ups, screen flow diagrams, user scenarios/stories)
  • Usability Analysis and Recommendation (wireframes, task and activity diagrams)
  • Form Design Guidelines
  • Table Design Guidelines
  • Creative brief