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GO Consultancy was created to offer to our clients accuracy and reliability.  We pride ourselves in having created a company that focuses first and foremost on customer satisfaction.  Our idea is to create a space for companies and clients and experts to connect, to analyze, to collaborate, and to create outstanding results, 100 percent of the time.

GO is a boutique software development and consulting company, and that allows us to really focus on our customers’ needs.  We strive to build trust with our clients and partners, because even though that’s uncommon in today’s business climate it’s far from impossible.  We look at our clients as long term relationships.  As with any relationship, this requires a good amount of dedication, openness, honesty and good old fashioned hard work.
GO Consultancy is based out of New York City.  GO is in the heart of it all, right in the epicenter of innovation, creativity and technology.  We bring the energy of this city into the passion we have for our work.  We also have offices in California (USA), London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Skopje (Macedonia), Nis (Serbia).  Our team enriches us every day as we share cross cultural experience.  Similarly, we learn something every day from our clients, and put that knowledge to use as we constantly strive to improve our business processes so that we can improve those of our clients.

The founder of GO Consultancy stands behind every project the GO team is involved in.  Our model was based on the principle of accessibility. Our CEO is and always will be available to speak one on one with our customers and has a deep understanding of the daily activities of the GO team all throughout the world.

GO is also proud to support local charities and puts a priority on giving back to the community.  Throughout the year, GO is involved in various fundraising initiatives.